Wine Tour Limo Transportation in Charlotte

Been thinking about some fun summertime activities? If you like wine,  heading out on some wine tours can be a great way to enjoy the country and try some new local varieties of wine. Quite often the vineyards have a lot of great history, which can make the whole experience a unique, memorable to experience new favorites. Since wine tasting is often a social endeavor, wine tours are even better in groups. Coordinating groups can be challenging, but this is where using a wine tour limo comes in.

Simply pick out the destination of your wine tour event around the Charlotte area and we’ll take care of the rest. We can pick everyone up together or make a few stops if needed, and will handle the navigation to your venue. Aside making the day special, this comes with two other advantages.

The Wine Tour Limo Experience

Because you’re not worried about the driving, everyone can enjoy the trip and take photos along the way. The focus will be on your group and having a great time together with no one feeling left out because they have to keep an eye on the road. Enjoy music, stories, or even catch up on the history of your destination as you go.

While wine tastings are more about sampling, it’s not uncommon to feel a little tipsy when you’re ready to go. This is especially common if you’ve enjoyed the later point of the day trying a bottle or so of one of your new favorites. With wine tour limo services, there’s no reason that has to trouble you on the ride home. We’ll handle the driving and make sure everyone gets back safely.

Our fleet of limos has a ride for any size group you’re looking to bring. From small, personal outings to larger excursions, Five Star limo has you covered from start to finish. We’re happy to be your wine excursion transportation experts for all your sightseeing this summer!

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