Say Yes to the Prom

Prom is something many people look forward to for their entire four years of high school. For others, however, it’s another dreaded high school event. If you’re one of those people, hopefully the following list of reasons will inspire you to go to prom and see what you’ve been missing. 

  1. You may not have a reason to buy an expensive new dress until your wedding. It’s rare that you get an excuse to buy a beautiful dress—and you don’t have to settle for those huge hula-hoop-skirt dresses clogging the aisle at Macy’s. Opt for a gown that’s more your style. If you don’t go to prom, you’ll probably be itching to wear a beautiful dress, and you’ll marry the very first boy you happen upon in your dorm cafeteria next year. Marrying too young will only result in a juvenile dress choice, not to mention a crappy apartment inhabited by two people who don’t do dishes or know what grownup love is (just a prediction. This hasn’t happened to anyone we know or anything).
  2. Your friends are going. High school is full of cliques. Everyone is not friends with everyone, contrary to popular belief. But chances are at least one of your friends is going, or at least people you’re friendly with. Prom can be an experience to bond with people you weren’t very close to before. If none of your friends are planning on going, ask one of them. Chances are you can find someone that would be willing to take on this adventure with you. 
  1. The pictures. Think of the last time you posed for pictures that didn’t involve wearing matching pajamas with your little brothers for your parents’ lame Christmas cards. This is your chance to use your Zoolander face and show off your shapely clavicles in your tube dress.
  2. Prom marks the end of formal dances…unless you join a sorority, in which case, you’ll need to practice your Cha-Cha Slide. If you don’t go Greek, prom is probably the last formal event you’ll be invited to attend for the next couple years. See it as one last time to do the Cotton-Eyed Joe in a venue where it is totally acceptable.
  3. Everyone will be talking about it on Monday. If you opt to stay in and watch “Gladiator” to celebrate the end of your high school days, be ready to have nothing to contribute to homeroom gossip session next week. While everyone talks about the Prom Queen letting a fart slip, the horrible dresses the teachers were wearing, and what everyone did afterwards, you’ll only be able to nod and chew on your pencil.
  4. You’ll always regret not going, and if you go and you start to regret it, you can just leave. Unless you’re a magician with a kick-ass time machine, you can’t really go back into the past and attend your prom. Who cares if you can’t stand the way spells his name? You should definitely attend your lamely-themed “I Gotta Feeling” prom anyway. If you never get “the feeling,” you and your date can slip out at halftime (do proms have that?) and go eat hot dogs.
  5. It’s one night your parents will be likely to let you stay out way past curfew. So make plans with your friends to do something fun, like go glow-in-the-dark bowling, drive to a lake house, or head to a diner at 3 a.m. for a massive eggs Benedict.
  6. It’s a chance to debut a new look. If you always show up kind of nasty to school and barely brush out the dreads that form in the back of your head, now is the time to show everybody that you are capable of being beautiful. Have your mom do your hair, slip into something slinky, and waltz right into that prom like you’ve always happened to look like Sofia Vegara.
  7. It may be the only time your boyfriend gets a haircut. If you don’t go to prom, he’ll just continue to look like a cross between an old English sheep dog and Justin Bieber, and let’s just say this isn’t a good thing.
  8. Stories to add to your interesting archive. So what if your date leaves with another girl or your boobs pop out during your “Hips Don’t Lie” nasty dance? At the very least, you’ll come out of prom with stories. These will be good for dull first dates, awkward college icebreakers, and commanding the spotlight at cocktail parties. Embarrassing experiences only make people seem more interesting.
  9. And the most important…Arrive in style in a Prom Limo Charlotte with Five Star Limo. Prom night is one of the most memorable special occasions of a young person’s life. It is a celebration of youth, but also marks a coming of age into adulthood. Make your prom night extra special with a luxurious ride to and from the event in a Prom Limo Charlotte with Five Star Limo. A memorable evening such as this is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a fully-equipped prom limo with room for two or even a group of friends. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your prom limo transportation, or you might just get stuck carpooling with your parents!

Need even more convincing on a night to remember or possibly you already have prom fever- Take a look below at a few classics that will inspire you to begin the planning of a special night.


Proms in the movies

Grease “It’s raining on prom night, my hair is a mess, it’s running all over my taffeta dress.” All you need to know about proms.

Back to the Future Michael J Fox gets his parents together, prevents an Oedipal tragedy and outplays Chuck Berry. Is there anything that can’t happen on prom night?

Footloose Kevin Bacon brings music to proms. Let’s hear it for the boy!

Twilight Proof that proms are still important for today’s youths (and vampires).

Pretty in Pink No one ever wore pink taffeta better than Molly Ringwald. Fact!

Never Been Kissed Morally dubious tale of an adult who pretends to be a teenager and gets off with her teacher? But, hey, it’s with Drew Barrymore so just enjoy it.

“Find a date or just attend with a friend, either way be safe and enjoy your prom experience” 

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